Looking For a Great Sounding Hammond B3/Leslie Speaker VSTi

FYI… against my better judgement I purchased the full version of VB3 a day or two after I posted my last post. Worked (2) projects so far with no problems. So it looks like my issue (crashing during mp3 export) might be an intermittent thing. Still, hope they issue a 64 bit version at some point.

Guido, the VB3 author, I suspect was having some non work related issues which prevented him from spending time on the 64 bit development, the last email I got from him was long ago and intimated this.

Works fine with jbridge though.

Yes, the B4 was AMAZING !! A friend of mine has it and he help me make some backing trackings for myself on it. i loved absolutely EVERYTHING about it !!

Since I installed C7.5 I have tried again to use the jBridged version (jBridge V1.5), and haven’t had one single crash. Only used it in a new blank project though, haven’t got the courage yet to open older projects with VB3 in it.

Keeping my fingers crossed. But still, like you I’m still hoping for a 64bit version.

He has been busy building hardware: a double manual clonewheel http://www.crumar.it/?a=showproduct&b=4
and a leslie simulator: http://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=41.

Both are powered by a new version of the VB3 software it seems (V2).

WOW< the VB3 really sounds somethin’ else !! i was very impressed with the demonstrations.

i was trying to work out what the song title is of demo :-

VB3 - 1.x - Demo Jazz 2 by Phil Wilkinson

i think it is ‘JOYSPRING’ ??

Yes, this topic inspired me to reach out to Guido after thinking about it some more, and he has confirmed that V2 is well under way and soon to find its way into the light. :sunglasses:

That’s great news about V2. Real glad you took the time to communicate with him. Cool! :slight_smile:

Just to confirm that VB3 works without problem with Cubase 6.5 and 7. It’s not the case with 5.1, though, as the VSTBridge bundled in this Cubase version was evidently unable to cope with it : I had to purchase JBridge to use VB3, at the expense of several warning messages each time I try to load a project involving it when using a non administrator Windows account, this, even if it works without problems after this.

A great stuff, but indeed, it’s high time to have a 64 bits version available…

It’s too bad you can’t get a hold of Native Instrument’s B4 II & try it out - complete with draw bars, pedals & all.

I got it in a bundle called Komplete Classics, which included Akoustik Pianos, Pro 53 Synth, Electrik Pianos 1.5 & B4 II - all for $199.00.

Although it was a 32 bit release, [pre-64 bit days], it works just fine both in standalone mode & in Kontakt 4.2.4 in my Windows 7 - 64 Bit OS, without needing jbridge.

Maybe you can find one on KVR market place or something. Probably dirt cheap by now if you can.

You could post a ‘Wanted’ ad there, among other places, & see what happens.

I’d even consider selling mine but I just like it too much! :mrgreen:

I guess I shied away from Native Instruments after purchasing their “57 Drawbar Organ”. It too had some limited adjustability but I didn’t think it sounded as realistic as the ORGANized Trio (now VB3) program does.

Does anyone have anything to say about NI’s “Vintage Organ”? On the surface it looks like the “57 Drawbar Organ”.

Does anyone have anything to say about NI’s “Vintage Organ”?

It’s been mentioned elsewhere in this thread but I guess it could bear repeating this far along…

The original NI B4 II was a stand-alone/VST/AU algorithmic synth. It can respond to drawbar movement (manually or via MIDI/Quick controls/automation) as notes are being held. Mission critical controls are all on the main page. Key click control has reasonable range. It has a wide range of easily accessible presets.

NI’s present Kontakt version, Vintage Organ, uses the same B4 GUI elements (more or less), using the Kontakt rompler engine playing samples run through EFX blocks. Held notes do not respond to drawbar movement. Some mission critical controls are scattered across pages. Key click control is limited…as it is also sampled. It’s presets are a PITA to access and have been reduced in number from the original B4 II. Basically, it is junk.

Yea… that’s what I figured about Vintage Organ. Thanks. :frowning:

Man, I wish I could do that “Mojo” keyboard justice. It’s not a bad deal really for $2537 USD if you are into it. I am… but, can’t cough up the cash right now. Oh well. :frowning:

Are there any new alternatives? I still love Logics B3 emulation, but since going to cubase I can no longer use it (tried using it in Mainstage but the lack of PDC between Cubase and Mainstage made me quit using it. VB3’s lack of 64bit mac development scares me. Any other good alternatives?

You could give DB-33 a try.
After demoing it, I was not utterly impressed. Mainly because of its features compared to VB3 and the dead B4 II (and I had some iLok issues). But overall it’s an okay virtual clonewheel.

Just noticed that GSi has recently released (in early July 2018) an updated/new VSTi software named GSi-VB3-II. It’s not free but, they do have a trial version available. It has a plethora of assignable/adjustable parameters to get the sound you want. Man does it sound great and works perfectly on my system. Nice… I upgraded the same day as downloading the trial. :wink:

Available in 64bit for Windows and OSX as VST2, VST3, AU (only Mac) and Standalone. Have fun. :slight_smile:


Regards :sunglasses:

Without doubt the best sounding Leslie emulation is PSP’s L’Rotary - it’s gorgeous - particularly when combined with their scanner too. It’s creamy. lush and downright beautiful!

Check out GG Blue, and Arturia B-3-V, both are pretty amazing.

As a long time vb3 user I have to say that Blue3 now rules them all.
They also have a separate Leslie - Spin. Also great.