Looking for a list of good VST's.

Hi all:)

Does anyone know where I can find a good list of VST Instruments for mac OSX 10.6.8. Like kontakt and ezdrummer etc.

If anyone does, please let me know ASAP.



all of them

Komplete is a good bundle. I don’t use many of the VSTs, but I do use Kontakt (horns), Battery (drums), Vintage Keys (Rhodes and Hammond organ), and Scarbee Bass. I ended up buying Alicia’s Keys (piano) separately since it only comes with Komplete Ultimate.

I personally prefer Jamstix now (which I configure to send MIDI to Battery) for drum line generation, but it took a long time for me to get over the learning curve to get any productive output from it.

Other VSTs that I use frequently:

  • Celemony Melodyne Editor (pitch and timing correction)
  • Sound Toys Little Microshift (fattening of tracks)
  • Blue Cat Audio Frequency Analyst and Peak Meter Pro (analysis of EQ and loudness based on K-14…it doesn’t support EBU-128 though)

Yeah, Ezdrummer’s great. I haven’t got it yet but i’m saving up for the Jazz EXS. Do you have Kontakt 5?

Wow!!! I really like the Kontakt horns :slight_smile: Although they are way too expensive.

I like Urs Heckmanns DIVA:


This is my favorite VSTi, she sounds amazing. But be aware, that comes at a heavy CPU hit. :wink:

Aloha k, and

Be careful.

Many current products (which sound ‘killer’) may be problematic when
running under such an ‘old’ OS. (Snow Leopard)

Also keep in mind that
older products that may work with no probs under 10.6x, may not fit your criteria of:
‘Good Vst’s’. They may just be ‘fair’ Vst’s.

To my ears, todays products are far superior to what was available just a
couple/few years ago when OS 10.6x shipped.


Some companies and plugins that I think are nice. They are “smaller” companies, but good support, quality and outside the box thinkers. Just the way it should be. :wink:

DMG Audio’s many plugins.
FabFilter does quality and I like Twin 2.
Melda Production has MDrummer and loads of effects.
Steinberg… well, being in the forum here, sort of…
u-he’s Zebra is fantastic.
VirSyn has Matrix (a vocoder) and other plugs.
Waldorf Music makes Lector, another awesome vocoder, and more.

Not that everyone cares, but all of the companies above either already make VST3 plugins or are in the process of converting their plugins into VST3 64-bit format.

If it’s orchestra stuff you’re after then 8Dio have the latest and most realistic sounding string library that sounds fairly convincing even with no editing out-of-the-box. For orchestra stuff both 8Dio and EWQL are great. Hans Zimmer (although many may turn their nose up at such a popular name) is releasing a percussion library this month that sounds like it’ll be cool. But these are at the highest end of the market. EWQL have huge sales on their products though, like -75% off if you buy 7 at a time, you literally save thousands compared to buying each product one at a time.

I’d strongly advise against buying anything like NI Action Strings or that new Action percussion one. Loops are just not creating music.

I’m still waiting for Waldorf to release Largo 64 bit, btw…

I don’t know what they are doing in the Eiffel… sleep all day?



Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trilian, and Stylus RMX.

Native Instruments Absynth.