Looking for a meter with history

Does anyone one know of a plug-in that acts like a level meter but also maintains a graphical history of peaks?

I need to set some mic levels where I can’t see the MixConsole while saying witty things like “Test, test, test.” When I come back I can of course see what the overall peak level was, but I’d like to also know how often it was at not-quite-the-peak too.

You could do it with a Lufs meter like the Youlean one.

Why not just make a test recording and observing the meters while playing back?

Thanks, that’s perfect.

Meh. While workable it seems like more of a hassle. First you need to open the audio in an editor where with a meter like Manike recommended it is easy to go make some sounds at the mic, come back and only need to glance at the meter to see what happened. Makes it easy to quickly move back and forth between tweaking things and seeing the impact of those tweaks.

This is perfect for me too, one of these things where you don’t know you had the need until you see the solution:)

Hey folks… glad this was posted.

I purchased the Pro version as it is on sale for $27 until September 15, 2019.

Regards :sunglasses: