Looking for a MIDI/HALion guru to stop my headache

I have 15 violin tracks with 15 different libraries:

Each track is set to a different MIDI channel from 1 to 15. When I arm each track, or all 15 of them and play notes, they all play, and my Sparrow MIDI controller (Sparrow 4x100mm MIDI controller – The MIDI Maker), which I have set to channel 1, and the two faders on the right to CC1 and CC11, works fine with 14 of the tracks, but one: the HALion Sonic one.

In said track, I have two instruments loaded:

As you can see, both are set to channel 14, and the track is set to channel 14 as well. Both instruments play, but moving the faders in the Sparrow doesn’t affect the controllers in HALion Sonic.

Honestly I’m a bit surprised that the Sparrow even works in all the other tracks that are not set to channel 1, but well, maybe all those other players are configured by default to take the CCs from any channel as valid, and HALion needs a manual configuration for that.

But I spent too long troubleshooting without any progress. So, is it possible to use HALion instruments in a specific channel and have the CC controllers come in another channel but accepting those commands?

HALion listens to midi notes and cc messages on the channel you set, in your case 14. But this matters mostly in standalone.

How did you set up the routing in Cubase inspector? Is it set to channel 14 or Any?

If you mean the track routing, I believe it’s set to 14, unless there’s also another place to set it. But I did the same as all the other tracks to select a different channel:

Well the track in your screenshot is set to play with any incoming MIDI from Komplete Kontrol, I would take a wild guess all 15 of your tracks are too.

Pro tip - channels have outputs AND inputs that need to be set…

Right, but the Komplete Kontrol is the MIDI keyboard, so that needs to be set there, right? I mean, if there was a second slot there, I would select the Sparrow.

However, the Sparrow is selected in the Studio setup. I’m inserting a screenshot of that in case it gives any clues:

The thing is, all the other tracks are set the same way, the only thing that changes is the MIDI channel in the area where the instrument is. But the Sparrow works fine in the other tracks, despite all of them but one set to channel 1.

Can you set the input routing to All Midi Inputs instead of Komplete Kontrol?

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Well thank you sir, that worked like a charm!

But it’s rather strange, because I didn’t set it that way to begin with. I started a whole new project, I created 50 tracks set to the SINE player, and there are still several of those still untouched, which are all set to “All MIDI inputs”. Is it possible that selecting HALion Sonic as the instrument changes that?

Trying that out now it doesn’t seem to be the case, but at the same time, I’m sure I didn’t set it to the Komplete Kontrol input.