Looking for a new mama keyboard

time to replace obsolete MIDI keys
I found this
M-Audio Code-61 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
Yamaha, your turn?

btw is anyone using the M-Audio Code-61 now? micro review? :sunglasses:

I use the M-Audio Keys 88 Pro and love it. But it doesn’t have the touch pads and stuff. I mention this even though it isn’t what you asked because you can find these used for cheap if you look long enough. I got mine for $100 from someone I found on CraigsList.

but I think I’m partly looking for replacing a few obsolete thing-a-ma-bobs with one unit in front of my screen, including a 4x4 drum pad, a few non-infinite rotary encoders and some other crap that’s just wasting space. But that was a secret until now haha! thanks anyway! :sunglasses:

New candidate: Nektar Panorama P6 with Cubase integration!

Had my eye on one of these myself for a while now… other stuff just seems to crop up though :unamused:

Would love to hear from anyone who has one already.

+1 – I was also lucky enough to pick up one of these second-hand. There’s an SOS review here. They just don’t make 'em like that any more.

But if you want a more modern unit and 88 keys are too much, a friend recently bought the Akai MK249 and is very happy with it. Very solidly built, and has a 4x4 pad which is important for using Groove Agent (many others are 3x3 or 4x3).

I have a Nektar P6 and absolutely love it. The integration with Cubase is superb, nice build quality and great tech support.

I highly recommend this.

Here’s a clip featuring the Nektar from one of Steinberg’s own promotional videos for Absolute 2:
Composing with The Grand 3 and HALion Symphonic Orchestra
… I think there’ll be a phone call from Japan shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think it was there I saw it first! Sick, isn’t it! GAS attack! :open_mouth: :laughing:

The NI control series looks very good, pricey to.

I have the Alesis VI61 which is good and cheap!