Looking for a new mouse (with assignable extra buttons)

Hi guys,

My old Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB doesn’t work with Windows 10 Pro: the extra buttons aren’t working as they did in Win7.

Any suggestions for a new mouse? I like the extra buttons on the mouse which I use for scrolling left and right…


I did a lot of research on finding the best mouse. Considerations included durability, extra buttons (gaming mouse), control over the sensitivity (dpi), not looking garish (a mood influence issue), and reasonable cost. my solution was the Steel series 3 (Rival 300) in white. I’ve not tried to reassign the side buttons, but I’m pretty sure it can be done.

Just curious, what key commands do you have assigned to the extra buttons? I’m looking into getting a gaming mouse for Cubase too.

I haven’t defined any. I just like the idea of it. I was thinking in terms of transport controls when I decided to get it, perhaps previous/next marker or locator. Start(=play) + stop was another candidate. Or even previous marker + start. I haven’t really got around to it. The transport controls seem to be the worst detour in my workflow.

Most Logitech mouses can be configured to perform specific tasks to each button. But lets be honest, there are so many different commands to consider and a mouse can have only so much buttons to conveniently work with? I strongly advise you to investigate in a remote control device or start contemplating on how to arrange key commands in Cubase?

I have a Kensington Expert Trackball which has four buttons, plus the lower two and upper two when pressed simultaneously, for a total of six functions.

I’ve been using it for years and years, and have experimented with different ways to use the buttons, and I always come back to this simple config:
LL: click
LR: double-click
UR: right-click
UL: ctrl-click
lower two: middle-click
upper two: unassigned, to hard to reach.

Anything more specific, like transport commands ended up being too specific, and would get in the way eventually. But ctrl-click and double-click are super useful. So, yeah, like Nickeldome is saying, horses for courses. :wink:

Thanks guys - interesting to share ideas.
Looks like my current mouse (14 years old) needs replacing in order to work in Win10. It does work in Win7… but my main system has moved on.