Looking for a Nuendo based post studio in LA

Hi everybody,

My post production studio is located in the Netherlands. Recently I got a deal with a customer to edit and sounddesign a tv series, which will be broadcasted on Dutch television. There will be 26 episodes with a length of 11 minutes. The music composer, a friend of mine, works in Los Angeles. For this project we’d like to work together in LA as for time issues, but he hasn’t got much space.
Now I’m looking for a Nuendo based studio, which might have spare edit room, so I can do editing and mixing on a complete set, as it is difficult to bring my whole studio to LA. Maybe someone knows a studio which has a spare room or have it yourself. I have very small budget for this project, so I can’t pay money, but can offer my time and sounddesign skills instead in consideration. The project is scheduled in september-october 2011.

You can PM me if you can help me with this. More information about my studio can be found on my website: http://www.studiosoundgarden.nl

Thanks advance!