Looking for a OSX / Swift / Objective-C Programmer

I’m working on a music Mac/VST utility.

Along with my marketing practice, I also do some fairly advanced web development. I have a decent background in PHP, MySQL and a few js. I even built a few pretty complex multi-db filemaker solutions back in the day

I have the requirements for the app mapped out ( mostly reading data from a standard file format, displaying data from the headers and some file moving and deleting. ) The UX/UI is mapped out as well. I know the target market for this, and they will spend money on this kind of thing.

My first instinct is to learn swift but that might not be realistic as clients work always gets in the way.

If there is any programmers looking to partner with this program, DM me and we’ll talk.

I don’t think it would create a huge business but it will be useful and probably add a bit of extra income.