Looking for a plug in that adds gain

I’ve been looking around but can’t find any plug ins for mixing that adds gain and possibly other functions. Can anyone recommend one? If it’s good it doesn’t have to be free.

Lots of ways to do this without the need for a plugin. But if you’re committed to using a plugin then add a compressor to the track, turn the threshold all the way up to 0db and the ratio to 1:1 and use the make-up gain slider to add the amount of gain you’d like.

Number of ways to add gain without a plugin:

  • Normalize the audio (my favorite)
  • Turn on your info line (if it isn’t, already). Select an audio clip/event you want to add gain to, and adjust the volume parameter in the info line to your hearts desire.
  • Select an audio event/clip and drag the white ‘box’ at the top of the event up or down. Notice that this is adjusting that volume parameter in the info line.
  • Right click an audio clip/event and go to the process section. Click on Gain. Use that.

Thanks that helps a lot. How do you normalize the audio, as you put it?

Most probably with the “normalize” function in the “process” menue.

Yea, that’s also in the process menu. I have it set to a key command for quick access. Key commands are your friend. Spend time using the program and figure out which functions you end up using the most, then spend some time making them key commands. It’s a process that’s a pain at first, but once you have it set up your workflow increases exponentially. At least, it did for me.

Also, use those key commands all the time so you don’t forget them. Soon enough they will become second nature.

any plug ins for mixing that adds gain

I use Cubase´s GEQ 10 for this e.g.
there´s a separate gain funktion (+/-12dB). see “Range”:

BTW: Info Line and Normalize are pre (!) Inserts/Channel EQ - this is not always useful in the mixing process.


If you want a plugin, there’s the freeware Sonalksis FreeG…

and… here are another free plugins with Gain parameters:



Note there is also a gain dial on the mixer itself if you expand it completely.

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We have forgotten that completely. This is a great advantage of the cubase mixer!

but the channel gain is pre inserts and thus screws with any dynamic inserts like compressors and so forth. I use the studio eq as the last insert - I tested that it nulls with no bands enabled so a good choice (as is the graphic eq). Very handy when doing voc up / down mixes for instance.

True, but in a perfect world, your gain staging should be setup before you start inserting dynamics plugins anyway. You should always establish a baseline. As another workaround, a lot of dynamics plugs have makeup gain knobs that can be used to boost levels.

this is what I described above in another way.

Can’t argue with either of these as a plugin solution. Both of those vendors have tons of great free plugs.

Where do you mean? I reread the thread. Do you mean with bluecat’s plugins?

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