Looking for a small and simple knob to scroll the timeline

If you have a Native Instruments keyboard you know the knob all the way to the right, not the 8 soft knobs, but the larger one with stops that you would use in Komplete Kontrol to browse instruments.

That knob in Cubase has a nice function which is that it scrolls back and forth in the timeline. What I would like is just that, but in a small device that I can keep next to my keyboard, and without the 20 or so stops it has, but a knob that moves softly and easy.

It can also be a jog/shuttle device like the Contour Xpress ones, of which I have one but the manufacturer told me they have no plans to make it compatible with Apple Silicon Macs. And it’s a bit too large for what I want. I want a knob that is about an inch diameter.

Anybody knows anything like that?