Looking for a template

Could you share a first page template of violin and piano? Preferably including dedication, composer, etc. (It doesn’t have to include any music, of course).

Many, many thanks everybody.

I assume you’ve made a project for violin and piano and something is missing or not right. Stating the problems you’re having might help.

True! -
I am trying to create a very short, humorous score that has very complicated violin part and very, very simple piano part. But, I need a good template to include as many details of the music as possible, such as dedication, editor, composer, and any other laborious details!

Nikos, what version of Dorico are you using: Pro or SE/Elements?

Dan Hi - thank you for your help! I use Dorico Pro 3.5.

If you have Pro, you can easily create new master pages or modify existing ones to display the info you need: Working with master pages in Dorico, part 1 - Scoring Notes

Thank you Dan!