Looking for an editing shortcut

I want to do a 16 bar insert in the middle of a song. I want to move the entire 80+ tracks down in order to do this insert. I would like to just split all of the tracks at bar 73 and move them to bar 89. I thought an easy way to do this would be to just close all of the folders, select them and move the files that way. But that doesn’t work. Is there any way, other than selecting all 80+ tracks worth of SEPARATED EVENTS, to move the entire section down the time line 16 bars? :question:

Range tool (+modifier select full vertical), snap on to Bars/ Beats, insert silence for 16 bars starting at 73.


Thanks a lot!! :mrgreen: :sunglasses:

The other way to do this is set the left/right locators to bars 73 to 89 and select Edit / Range / Insert silence (Ctrl+Shift+E)

FYI when using folders, doing an operation like you wanted with the folders closed will not (as you found out) work. But if you open the folders it will, you do not have to select all the track individually, just have them open.

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