Looking for app for playing VSTs live without a DAW

Way back in 2005 or so I had an app (believe it was a Steinberg product) which allowed you to load different VST plugins in different channels and mix them together (all without being in a DAW) for the purposes of playing instruments live.

Does this product still exist or is there something comparable that either Steinberg or someone else makes?


There is “cantabile”

Is there anything for Mac? I really liked the Steinberg one, but I guess I’ll have to get what I can get.

—> VSTack

Don’t know if it installs/runs on a newer Mac OS (I only had the PC version). There might be some Mac updates for VSTack on Steinberg’s ftp server (as there is one for the PC version).

Yes, that was it! VSTack. I just looked in the FTP archives and all I see is two versions, both PC. The update folder shows the .exe and a readme, which says that it worked with OSX, however I see no .dmg file for it. Bummer. I really liked that program. I have seen tons of VST rack software since I’ve been on this quest to find out what it was that I had and all of them seem to be for PCs. I guess I’ll keep looking.

Steinberg, please bring back VSTack :slight_smile:

Maybe MuLab Free does what you want.

If I remember correctly, VSTack for Mac was released later than the PC version. So, the first Mac version was already corresponding to the updated PC version. That’s why there are no Mac updates on the server.

Have a look at your Steinberg account. Maybe you have a registered serial number for your old Mac version. If so, you may try to ask for a download link or an installer CD.

Probably some Mac users could tell how the software was originally shipped (CD? Download file?), and how it was protected (CD? Serial number? Steinberg key?). I only know the history of the PC version: First, the installer CD itself worked as the copy protection unit. The update is a full installer that still accepts this same CD to “unlock” the program.

I think I just found my new live rack system, Halion Sonic :slight_smile: I believe this will do all I want and more for both live and studio.

Is this something like Vienna Ensemble Pro 5?