Looking for Clarity on Steinberg Downloader

Hi, I’m in the process of updating my Cubase to latest version - when I open the Download Assistant I see a bunch of other items I can download (see below). There is no indication as to whether or not these are already installed on my system.
When I’m in Cubase I can see I already have Noir, Hard Knocks etc… installed and showing up in the media tab. So I’m confused because they are showing up here with Install button available.

If they are showing here, does it mean they are not presently installed? Does the Download Assistant not know what is already installed? Or are these just updates? (1.28GB each?)

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The Download Assistant does not keep track of what is actually installed.


Oh wow! :scream: Its 2021 and it’s not smart enough to detect whats already on the system!

Thanks for your reply.


The utility does not promise to keep track of installs.

The Steinberg Library Manager does that. Please inform yourself sufficiently to understand.

You should set your expectations according to the stated scope of its functions, on the webpage.

also, see this post

Thanks, I didn’t realize there were 2 different apps.

In my opinion it really needs to keep track of whats installed. There is no distinction between owned/unowned/installed/up-to-date. It seems simple to implement and would be greatly helpful.
The way that Steinberg has split all the items up now (means 12+ items to download) there is a big potential to redownload files multiple times, especially if you are like me and move the .vstsound files to another SSD.

edit: (maybe I spoke too soon, as the new Downloader does remember the downloads after you do it again) ;-0

Steve, do you know why they switched to auto-install now?


Why is v11.0.3 install only versus download and allowing me to install when I am ready? Thanks.

Maybe that’s what you would like, but there’s already a separate utility for content and VST sound products. which only leaves a couple things to keep track of.
And aside from the VST content, the file sizes are small enough that it’s a trivial matter.

The SDA is little more than an advertising app. Better off uninstalling IMO.

You’re entitled to an opinion, even a factually wrong one.

You can try to argue in defense of lousy features… It’s trivial.

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This I do not know, and actually I’d prefer there was the option to simply download from within the app. Who knows? Maybe these changes are leading to what @beerbong and others are requesting, that the app display whether the item has been downloaded and or licensed. Another consideration is possible preparation for the new licensing system, something that is anything but trivial.

By the way, in case people don’t know, it is not required that the Download Assistant be used. Completely manual downloading and installation files are available at:


I use a 32 bit laptop for downloads and of course it won’t download anything that has the install button in SDA. Can you please bring back the option to download everything without installing.
And\or create an Android downloader.
Because of covid I am currently in a wifi only location (and I am always there during summer too), my desktop has no wifi so I am somewhat handicapped with the new SDA.

So don’t use it. Use the website instead, as I mentioned above.

I wish there was a way to downvote posts, this was unnecessarily harsh, there’s no reason to be an a-hole about an honest question.

It was certainly not my intention to be harsh, I was underlining that it’s not necessary to use the utility at all if one doesn’t want to.

“a couple things to keep track of” ???

There are literally hundreds of entries in the Download Manager!

We’ve all had experience with a variety of program installation managers from different music production companies, some better, some worse. It’s a trivial matter to make the comparison between them.

The trouble Steinberg have is to cater for offline and online customers. Hence why the download manager is a separate component to the E-Licenser and Library manager. It’s a half-way house setup currently.

Maybe with the incoming cloud licensing they will look to merge a single utility that tracks the installed modules and acts as a true download/updater?

However, based on discussions I’ve read here in the past, the core/current Cubase userbase don’t appear to like that approach - Most Cubase users i speak to prefer the manual approach to installing and managing their system vs a utility which is actively calling home and checking for updates.

That said, the current download and activation procedure isn’t ideal for first time users - once you know the eco system it’s ok. But, Prior to using and understanding Cubase structure, the different versions of Halion, Groove Agent etc. is really confusing when they appear available to download.

Ideally as a new user, you just want to see a list of products that you own, and what their update/install status is. So you don’t feel that you’re ‘missing’ a component that you own.