Looking for critique on a soft acoustic recording

Cloud Lagoon on Sound Cloud

Hi, I’m interested in getting some critique on this effort to make a good acoustic recording and its production. I recorded it with a 414b XLS at the 12th fret and an e906 at the bridge, angled slightly up (which I felt gave a less brittle sound).

Because it was a super quietly played track, the gain had to absolutely cranked on the preamp, and there’s a LOT of noise. I cut out a slight bit in EQ, but stopped when it actually started to take away from the guitar. I’ve read that some people use Audacity to suck that stuff out and that it does it based on comparing the track to a sample of a section of music where there is nothing but the noise, but that doing this also alters the sound of the recording some. Are there better preventative or after-the-fact techniques to remove or minimize hiss? Does anyone know a great free plugin for this job?

Do you think the track is badly compression or has too much low-end removal in the track?

For the compression, I started with a preset, but lowered the Attack, and raised the Threshold.

I noticed in the upload to SoundCloud that there is a weird electric buzzing at certain parts of the track (0:43 for example) that isn’t in the actual WAV that was uploaded.

There are the adjustments I did for each track:
414b XLS

Nice track. I have heard that noise before. I would lower the input gain.