Looking for Cubase 3.01 Manual

Living out the fantasy of my youth by resurrecting an old Atari 1040STe and running Cubase 3.01 on it. Have looked on the FTP site and around the net and can’t find a manual. Anyone know where to find one?
I’ll settle for the 2.0 version of the manual…

Thanks in advance.

Not sure about the actual manual, but doesn’t version 3 have a PDF manual itself? or did they not provide that in those day’s?

Anyway, other than using the PDF manuals, I prefer ‘Cubase Power’ books over the original paper manuals. Especially for older versions of Cubase they can be bought very cheap on eBay. I saw a Cubase Power book for Cubase VST 5 recently for around $5.00-$10.00 while one’s for Cubase 7 cost around $50-$60.00. The Cubase Power books actually take you through steps doing things. There’s other Cubase books available, can’t recall what they’re called, but can be found on eBay & Amazon.

Just another option.

PDF wasn’t a format at that time at least not on the Atari. Found a photographed version of Cubase 2.0 through Atari Music Net. Still looking for 3…