Looking for endorsers / testimonials

Hi guys, I’ve been very busy lately scripting and sampling the most detailed analog synth library that has been made yet. It took me more than one year of full-day work: Not only cutting and looping ~20.000 samples (and getting more or less tone-deaf) but also scripting the whole stuff to make it as authentic as possible.

Now that the product is ready (but before sales start) I would like to have some “big names” to promote it. I offer you to get a licensed copy of the whole library for free, and -if you like it- send me a short text and license-free photo of yours to be published on the products website.

Have a look at www.mfasonic.com to see the library, and PM me if you are interested.



Link not working :frowning:

Yep sorry, the programmers are still working on the online shop before it goes “really” online.

Works now :slight_smile: