Looking for engraving / part preparation from a Dorico file

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I’m looking for a professional who could take a print-ready score as a Dorico file and engrave the parts (take care of proofing, page turns, cues, etc.).

It will be about a 350-500 bar project, spread across 3 movements with the following instrumentation: (

I’m interested in either just the engraving and preparation, or the engraving + printing/binding.

The turnaround time is tight. I can provide you with the Dorico file by Apr 24, and I need the project to be completed by May 7th.

If you have the interest and availability, please reach out.


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If the score is already a “print-ready Dorico file” why do the parts need to be engraved? They’re already part of the Dorico file. Are you asking for someone to take that original Dorico score file and simply neaten up the parts to get the best page turns if possible and the neatest layout?

Good page turns and cues are an art in themselves.