Looking for experienced arranger (who uses Dorico) for a job

Hello everyone,

I am a composer established in Switzerland. I often don’t have enough time to arrange my works for the ensembles that request them, and so I have paying work to offer.
I need to arrange pieces of orchestral music into chamber music.

I am looking for someone with a good track record in arranging and an established reputation, and who uses Dorico.
This is for various reasons, so that I can keep the project files once the project is done, in case I’ll need to use them again or adapt them. Also it will save them time since they’ll get my material from Dorico directly.

If you know anyone who fits the criteria and is open to work, please feel free to reach out!

I apologise if this is not the right place to ask, but since Dorico is central to my request, I figured it would be the best place. If it’s not, please direct me somewhere I can get this help! Thank you.

Thank you very much and have a lovely day,


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Hallo Simón!
Da ja der XML als plattformübergreifender Notationsdatei-Standard seit längerem etabliert ist, sind Sie nicht zwangsläufig auf Dorico beschränkt, da ja Werke im XML-Format von allen namhaften Notationsprogrammen erzeugt und geöffnet werden können.

Ansonsten wäre vielleicht interessant zu erfahren:
Um welches Werk handelt es sich (Umfang der Arbeit)?
An welche Besetzung denken Sie?
Wann wäre Deadline?
Was schwebt Ihnen als Honorar so vor?

Herzliche Grüße aus Wien!


I enclose below an arrangement I made for an orchestra.
There are others on my Laurent Colombo YouTube channel.
You can check them out.
Please keep me informed.

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Thank you for all your answers, either private messages or on the thread. I’ll get back to you in a few hours with more details :slight_smile:

Pepinello, ich weiss dass XML ein polyvalentes format ist, und ich habe es benutzt! Jedoch ich denke es übertragt nicht alle Informationen, die eine Dorico file enthält. Vielleicht irre ich mich.

By the way, I’m from the French part of Switzerland, not the German one :slight_smile: