looking for ideas: how do you do aleatoric boxes in Dorico?


Before I try to figure out my own way, I wanted to ask how others have solved the problem of making aleatoric boxes in Dorico? Do you use graphics frames? Other solutions?

You can use a text frame with the border property set, which at least means you don’t need to make and import a box graphic, but otherwise it has much the same limitations: they’ll need to be added in each layout separately, and only at the end of the layout and formatting process, since they won’t move with the music.

Ok, thank you. Have you seen clever ways of doing a right-facing arrow to indicate duration?

You can use a hairpin with zero aperture for the horizontal line, and then add a Shift+X text object for the arrowhead with e.g. this glyph: ▸

Alternatively you could of course use an SVG graphic of an arrow.