Looking for interface recommendation for Mac OS

I am currently using the Steinberg UR22mkII to record into Cubase 11, but I am considering changing.
My primary reason is to get better studio headphone monitoring. I have difficulty hearing my own vocals because I am unable to separate what I am hearing from playback and what is being recorded, plus hearing my vocal with effects vs dry vocals being recorded. The output volume of the UR is woefully inadequate.
If the UR had both a direct out for the input channel and a direct out for the DAW playback, it would be ideal, because I could route each direct out into a powered mixer and control them separately.
Maybe I am just not using the UR correctly. Thoughts or improved setups?
The UR22mkII is about 8 years old I think.

Isn’t there a wet/dry mix knob to adjust the balance of recorded audio and the direct feed of what is being recorded?
I don’t have the UR but did have an earlier Steinberg basic interface and this seemed to work well for me.

The UR22 mkII has terribly low headphone output. Much less juice than the original. I don’t know if they’ve improved it with the “c” versions.

Great, dependable interfaces-- I use my original on the road, and the mkII if and when I’m using Cubasis on my iPad… but the output issue on the mkII continues to be a confounding and somewhat soul-sucking disappointment.

Still works, though… and that’s good!


Thanks - yes, the mix works, but the headphone level is just too low to be of use.

Thanks - I was looking at the C version but I am considering spending more money this time and getting an Antelope Thunderbolt interface.
I may try something cheaper first buying from Amazon, and if the headphone volume is not up to standards, return it.

If you’re not working with a mobile rig (or even if you are), there are much more versatile options out there. I’m still using my RME Fireface 800 here at home, and when it finally dies I’ll almost certainly move over to a UAD Apollo. I only use the UR 22s when I’m traveling-- they’re built like tanks, are portable, and best of all, are bus-powered. That last thing is the big thing. One less outlet to track down in the hotel.


Thanks all for the tips and comments. I ended up ordering the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6.
Hopefully the headphone mix will be good, and if not, the monitor routing options look promising.