Looking for Jazz VSTs

Hi all,

I’m at a point where I’m experimenting with writing jazz, and I’m looking for a VST that can provide the options I need. So far I’ve found two options, and I wanted to see what the general opinion of their functionality with Dorico might be.

Option 1: Acoustic Samples’ Vhorns brass section and saxophones. Their samples sound quite good in my opinion, and the combined price tag equates to around 430 USD. Only downsides I found were that they don’t seem to have the bass trombone and any saxophones lower than baritone, and that I would still have to search for other VST packs that provide other common jazz instruments (piano, drums, etc.).

Option 2: ProjectSAM’s Swing More!. This plugin is one of the best I’ve ever heard, and provides not just the brass and saxophones I was looking for, but also many other instruments, many of which I do not currently have a plugin to emulate. The only downsides I found were a high overall price tag, being 439 USD for the plugin, and just shy of 400 USD for Kontakt since I don’t yet have it.

Overall, I’m wondering how successful anyone has been using either of these plugins with Dorico 4, and if their compatibility with Dorico is worth the price tag. If there’s any other plugins that sound better than these, I wouldn’t be opposed to considering them instead. Any advice is much appreciated.


There is another thread along the lines of best jazz vst’s here you might want to check out

Thanks for pointer. I took a look at that thread and there is some information on Vhorns and Swing More!, but I think what I’m looking for is a general comparison of the options they both provide and how usable they are in Dorico. I know a lot of these high-end plugins tend to be more focused around functionality in DAWs, so I’d just like to know which one works better in Dorico.