Looking for New Laptop for Cubase 7

Hello. I have a hp 2000 laptop right now with 4G RAM, 500GB HD and an AMD e300 processor at 1.6ghz.
I think it meets sustem requirements bu i was wondering if i should get a new laptop to run Cubase 7 or can i just up my ram. I can push it to 8GB

I will be mostly using VSTs and probably play a little starcraft ii on the side. I’ve been looking for Windows7 laptops but I’ve only manage to come across ones with A6 processors with 6GB RAM

advice will be much appreciated thx!

google “pro audio laptop”
and you want intel not AMD

so i hear, but what is the major differences between the two?

you wont go wrong with one of Scotts laptops for a DAW. If you want off the shelf get an HP Elitebook Workstation, not the prettiest machine but work very well as a DAW. I’ve been using mine for a while without any issues.


That’s also what I’ve read, that HP elitebook should work great as a DAW laptop.


My Elitebook is fantastic although I did buy a TI chipset Expresscard firewire card to use with my firewire stuff, for me, the onboard firewire didn’t cut it.