looking for nice female vocals?

i made at melodic trance song and was looking for some vocals.

this is the song: http://soundcloud.com/starlightmovement/bubbles-and-clouds_laura_warwick

if you like the vocals: Laura seems to look for producers / musicians … that would like do some remixes or other stuff using her voice. she provides a mp3 file with pure vocals to download.

her website link is directly beneath my song on soundloud.

have fun.

Bomi :mrgreen:

Some nice points in this song as well as some things that need a second or third listen.

Mainly couldn’t you have taken the time to expalin what you mean?

Are you Laura?
Do you represent her?
Are you saying you hired her and this is what she can do?
If so was she working remotely or did she come to your studio?

Just saying you post a good song but not enough info to me. Don’t take this as harsh just you should explain your good work not leave it for others to investigate

sorry, it was very late… i’ve changed the original text.

hope ist more clear now.


Are you Laura?


Do you represent her?

no. she does not even know me. i represent only the song itselve without lyrics and vocals.

Are you saying you hired her and this is what she can do?

on her website (the link is below my track on soundcloud) she’s providing a MP3 download withe the vocals i’m using in my track and she’s looking for others that do the same.

If so was she working remotely or did she come to your studio

i dont know how she recorded the track.

hope this helps.


Why, is the one question I would ask, what does she want from it?

Sounds ok… Interesting what you can do these days with the internet. Her voice gets a bit harsh when she starts hitting those high notes. I would have had her sing a bit differently, but that’s me. Pitch shifting artifacts and the vibrato is loose. I would ask her to sing more straight pitched and I would put the vibrato where I wanted it instead.

Other than that… Sounds OK. Not bad but not really good.

I prefer “Satellite”

So now a critique on the music. It is produced relatively flat and very repetitive which makes it boring for me to listen to more than once in a row. Satellite has better production and breaks in it but you can do a whole lot more. Be creative. :mrgreen:


Maybe a roof, 4 walls, bed and some linens too?

Thanks for taking the time to clarify


Thx for your great feedback. i will pick this up for the next song… Satellite was more creative but with old sounds. Bubbles and clouds has fresher sounds but is maybe finally simpler…

this is the full song. http://soundcloud.com/starlightmovement/bubbles-and-clouds

thx & have a good time

Bomi :mrgreen: