looking for reactivation code upgrade to cubase artist 8.5

i am looking for reactivation codes from cubase artist 8 to 8.5
after downloading the upgrade i can’t find the necessary code to activate the license.
i have ran through the sequence but my computer tells me this account does not exist.
yet here i am typing from the account that is not listed as existing.
can anyone advise me on what to do?


The way you’ve worded that is a bit confusing. The activation code should have been emailed to you, it’s included with the “Order Confirmation”.

There’s 3 different Steinberg-related accounts:

-The shop account, where you can download what you just purchased and resend receipts to your email (which include your activation code).
-The MySteinberg account, which is for managing your eLicensers, requesting official support and downloading the full installers for the versions of Cubase, Nuendo and Wavelab you own a license for. Registering Cubase or eLicenser registers it to your MySteinberg.
-The forum account, which is the one you used to post here.

They’re all completely separate from each other in order to give you more protection.