Looking for remastering of some tracks in cubase 8

Hey folks,

here’s a maybe rather unusual inquiry.
Some time ago I composed a few pieces for a soundtrack in cubase at my university. Then I had a longer break, finished studying and started composing again at home. Yet, now I chose to work with FLStudio, which works too.
The problem now is, that I was very inexperienced back then when it comes to mixing or mastering. And now I dont have access anymore to cubase and cannot remaster those pieces, which would be neccessary because some of them sound quite muddy.
If I remember correctly, I’ve been using cubase 7 or 8 or whatever was the latest version in 2015 and Kontakt 9 (Native Instruments).

Now I’m looking for someone to do the following (if even possible):

  1. Try to remaster some pieces I send you.

  2. Export some midi files from the cubase projects, so I get access to the melodies I used.

    The greatest hurdlle for 1. is probably compatibility issues. But well, we can try.

I’m down for dropping you some pocket money, if you can do that, yet I wont be able to pay you “reasonably”. We can discuss this via PM.

I could probably bounce the audio tracks down for you and create separate MIDI tracks that should line up in any other DAW.