Looking for Soft eLicenser help

Hey, so I just bought Cubase Pro 9 Educational a few days ago, and it installed just fine. When I went to activate it, eLC showed that there was no Soft eLicenser, but that was a a quick fix with the internet. However, once I had the Soft SeL showing and tried activating my software, I was still told there was no selectable SeL. I was running Sierra at the time, but I tried wiping my hard drive and reverting to the original OS(Mountain Lion) and had the exact same problem. I’m upgrading back to Sierra, now, but really need to know how to fix this.
I’m on a mid 2012 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz i7, 8GB RAM, freshly wiped and upgraded back to Sierra.
Please any help would be so appreciated. I saved up a long time to switch to Cubase from Reason, after 7 years of not being too happy about the lack of VSTs.
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Quick thought…

Pretty sure that even the Educational version of Cubase Pro requires a USB eLicenser to run. Not a SeL.

Check into that or maybe someone can chime in to confirm.



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Is there an upgrade from educational to regular then that I can use just so I don’t have to get the USB?.. I only have the two ports on my mac, and don’t want to have to run my soundcard or midi through a dongle… and I’m 100% positive I’d lose it.

Yes, there is an upgrade from the Educational license to the full one but you still need a USB licenser.

Only the Elements and LE/AI versions can be run from an eLicenser.

Cubase needs a USB elicenser stick to run. It’s like a USB stick and is not a dongle that other USB devices ‘pass through’. The advantage is that you can install the software on more than one computer and plug in the USB elicenser to activate the license on whatever system you’re using at the time. Get a small hub if you don’t have enough USB ports in your computer. You can back up your licenses in case the eLicenser is lost or damaged.

I just ordered the key and a hub. How do I back up the license? Because my biggest fear now is just losing it.

If you can, purchase a powered USB hub. It is not necessary but I have seen a few that had issues.

Also, make sure you register your software in your MySteinberg account. The eLicense is stored on the USB eLicenser. Activate your Cubase after you receive the USB eLicenser. see the attached link.


If the USB eLicenser ever gets damaged or you lose it you will follow the procedures in this link.


I (and many) have had their USB eLicenser dongle for many years with no trouble. Good luck. and welcome to our forum. :wink:

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