Looking for solutions to enable FX on Studio Monitor

I’m still trying to find a back-door way to add reverb (compression whatever) to the signal from the Performer so I can monitor a “wet” signal in the studio.

Monitoring via VST connect is direct to the monitor plug in the control room - (to maintain sync etc) but I did notice that the LED level monitors on the VSTconnect input channel seemed in time with the signal I was monitoring…

…so, create a 2nd channel with a pre-send to a reverb - assign it to the VST connect input channel - and pull down the fader. Obviously was a second or two late and zero use - don’t really understand why the input monitor LED was in sync but hey ! Also saw some odd stuff with the “input monitor” button greyed out but didn’t have chance to get to the bottom of this.

there has to be a way to do this…?

follow up to my own post - think this can be done - but connecting over the LAN is currently broken so can’t test :frowning:

Basically - if you are recording solo voice (or guitar or whatever!) you have two real time channels to play with which means you can apply reverb locally to the performer via the inserts - pan the reverb/vocal to opposite sides - send the VST connect input channel to two mono audio tracks and only record the dry. Probably means monitoring in mono

I reckon there is another solution too - just need to think about it - and for the connect over LAN to be fixed :smiley:

@steve - just out of interest - looks like if you route from a VST connect input track to an audio track then “input monitor” is disabled, greyed out. There seem to be ways of defeating this (by some clever switching) - can you confirm that.

Just trying to work out ways to ‘beat the system’ and get VST connect to do some more creative stuff.

No time to play with this today, sounds fun though. Had to move your post, trying to keep threads on topic.

? thought I’d posted in VST connect thread ? apologies if not ? (edit - ahh got it :slight_smile: )

yes disabled on purpose but not in older versions I guess

Musi - a mono switch just after the Monitor Perf and before the VST connect monitor plugin would give some options…even better would be an FX insert point here :slight_smile:

You mean inserts (incl stereo to mono) for the Performer path to the VST Connect Monitor plugin? Interesting idea. Could be in the Monitor, or main plug as you suggest - after all, it sends directly from Performer Input to Monitor plug. It would complicate the interface though, and you know what it’s like - they would poke around and disable it altogether and then “can’t hear Performer” again :slight_smile:
We’d rather get rid of both cue and monitor plugs altogether, and ideally then allow track monitor. Technically this could be done, but it requires more integration which we don’t yet have. Maybe the current situation helps.

Yes, directly after the monitor perf control - marked with a black X on the pic (sorry didn’t have anything to edit nicely!)

Obviously full or better integration would be ideal but yes an insert or two there would be great.

marked with a black X on the pic (sorry didn’t have anything to edit nicely!)

mono plug - Reverb - amp sim - compressor would sit nicely here - you don’t actually need a mono button if you have access to an FX insert there :smiley:

What about hiding in the VST connect monitor plug ? Ultimately you want to add the tools/plugs you use in the actual studio rather than on the performer computer so to me that would be a better solution - and most could ignore it ?

got it, but what would the UI be like? AS said, even more routing might confuse some.
We cannot hide plugins, Cubase does that.

When you use the VST Cloud menu then you never even see the VST connect monitor plug.

Just make that plug have 4 inserts on it - there is no routing issue as it’s just an insert point.