Looking for something unusual

I am not sure where to look for it, but I have an idea and want to make a working prototype.

The first thing I need is some kind of curved composite backing material. it needs to be about 3’ X 3’. If you compare the curve to a clock, it would begin about 9:30-10:00 and end at about 1:30-2:00. This link shows something similar around a microphone.

It doens’t have to be expensive, sound absorbing stuff, just something functional to start off. The highest priority is that is must be curved, not angular. Even if I can find something at a Home Depot or something lke that, but I have no idea where to start looking.


How about an old small satellite dish?

Get some plywood curved?

Or somewhere like a body shop could curve a sheet of metal for you…

Can I ask why it must be curved? Is this an aesthetic specification?

The concave nature is close, but it can’t be round. It has to be like a sheet of plywood or something and with good sound absorption. It is something I want to put together with my studio buddies, because it may just be a good patent idea for medium / large scale studios. (Don’t want to release the idea just yet as others may scoop up on it).

It’s actually a functional spec. It needs to be curved so that there are no direct sound reflections.

Didn’t know you could get plywood curved. I’ll check that out. That would be ok for a prototype. Metal wouldn’t work though… it would reflect too much sound.

I don’t understand. If it’s a reflective device you’d get direct sound reflections whether it was curved or planar.

if it’s an absorptive device then there wouldn’t be any reflections anyway.

What are you planning to construct?

I’ll check for Sauna Tube. That sounds almost exactly like what I need. :slight_smile:

As far as telling anyone “exactly” what I’m building. Nope :laughing: not yet at least. I can say it is for recording guitars, involves a bit of technology, and (should) cut the work to get a “fat” sounding guitar recording by about 80% (ie… the modern rock heavy beefy guitar sounds).

Does it have a speaker in it?

Again I can only speculate on your device, but plywood is not an absorber, it’s a reflector. The plywood will also have a resonant frequency, which will then act as a sound energy storage device at it’s fundamental and harmonic freqs.

Nope, no speaker. It will be months before I feel safe enough to release the information. A prototype still has to be built, then patents and rights (to who will own what) will be investigated. It will use other products so how it is all distributed will need sorted out, etc… but we don’t even know if it going to work yet. We have to test and modify it before presenting it.

But it does have a good chance of gaining a good amount of interest if we can produce the recorded results similar to what I’ve worked out.

Yeah I’m a big DIY’er also. After this last project (building the studio itself) I think I’m done with the larger scope ones though. …at least I can hold off until I have my own property and can build on my rules.

But regarding this project. It might be something similar to what you’re working on (I have no idea about your previous post). It’s not really like an isolation box, it does have some of the characteristics of both that, and the microphone shell. But it will also require some very unique characteristics that I have to test. Initially, I can do it through EQ settings on multiple tracks, but I’m hoping a couple other companies will jump on board and make an actual plugin for this device with multiple presets to tailor the sound. One of the coolest things about it though, is that it will be able to record in 7.1 surround.

Rethinking my idea a little, I think you have it there… about not worrying so much about the outer shell, just make sure it’s lined with multiple layers of some kind of sound deadening material. (I think I might have some Volara and/or sheetblok around to give me one of those layers). But a mesh metal outer shell will also look kinda cool :smiley:

Luckily I don’t have to build a final product right away… I’m the classic “starving artist” right now. :laughing:

this actually gave me a great idea, I have a 40" oval thats been sitting gathering dust. think I’ll try setting it up somehow, point a mic into it and throw some sound towards it, see what happens.

I actually have a name for mine as well, but it’s so cool that I don’t want to tell anyone just yet. :mrgreen:

Let me guess - a shield to keep other band members away from girlfriend? GuitaristGuard?

“Chastity, in Am” !

What about turning it around and pointing the mic at the backside!!! :laughing: