Looking for Steinberg virtual guitarist 2

Hi does anybody have a licensed copy of Steinberg virtual guitarist 2 that they would like to sell me. I know I’ve posted it in Cubase 10 section because that’s the version of Cubase I currently use. ( soon to be 11 and very excited ) I am aware of the 32bit issue so I’ll be using jBridge. So if some can help me and indeed of some cash, then please PM me. Thanks for your your help in anticipation. :laughing:

With all respect…but why would you want hunt down this library? Today there’s tons of guitar libraries out there that sound 10 times better than this. Even some free ones!
Even if you think you need this library to ‘recreate’ some old song? I’d advise you to first go look into free libraries.

It can surely never be as bad as VG2 sounded? :slight_smile:

Just a note of caution. I have VG and VB. They work fine as 32bit plugs in C8.5, but even though JBridged to 64bit, they are rejected as having no valid license in C10.5. I keep C8.5 on my system for these and a few other plugins that have been dropped, or no longer bridge reliably. It’s not a question of newer sounds being better than old. It’s matter of backward compatibility for me.

As an example, a song that I demo’ed around 15 years ago has just made it onto an album which is right now in the top 10 Amazon album downloads (UK). The VG sound in the demo made it onto the released version, but I had to go the long way round to make it work.

I have vg2 and running it on Cubase 10,5 windows 10 with jbridge with no problems. My licence in on my dongle.

By the way what are the better free plugins so I can look them up. Cheers

@mkok My dongle shows both licenses. So it’s interesting to me that Vg2 works for you on 10.5 and not for me. Maybe my Jbridge needs an update. Thanks for the comment.

With all due respect, My reason for wanting VG2 is not a open day for opinions and criticism, as to why I want it. Yes I have far more advanced software like Ample but I just like VG, and I’m sure we all have a soft spot for out of date legacy software. So if anybody has it and would like to sell it to me PM me . Cheers

Vg still beats the newer ones.
BTW vg2 also runs here in Cubase 10.5 using jbridge

And I think the ones that come closest to vg2 are the acoustic samples libraries. I have most of their uvi libraries and plan to buy the halion one as well.
They are replacing vg2 slowly in my projects.

If I would decide to sell my license, the only way to do it would be to send me your elicenser or buy a new one to transfer the license that is on my cubase / absolute 4 dongle at the moment… I don’t think it is worth the hassle given that the vst is absolutely not supported anymore.