Looking for Superior Drummer Advice

I recently purchased Superior Drummer and really like it. I am wondering if I should be dissolving my MIDI into separate tracks or should I keep one track in Cubase and rely on the sophisticated mixer within Superior Drummer.

I’ve always just used it on an instrument track and relied on the SD mixer. I haven’t come across a reason to use it as a multi-out yet.

That being said, I’ve only scratched the surface of what Superior can do so I’m not saying I won’t try it in the future.

Thanks for the reply, I can definitely relate to just scratching the surface. A lot to learn to there.

I use EZDrummer mostly nowadays, but I’ve worked with Superior Drummer for quite a while.
I always use multi outs, this gives me more possibilities for EQ and FX.

Thanks for the reply. Just curious why you are wanting to use EZDrummer instead of Superior Drummer. For the legacy sounds?

I have been using SD2 in a few diffrent ways to be honist some tracks i do everything in SD mixer,some i use multi outs and my most used way has been eq in SD mixer selected 3+4 outs in VST instruments to go alongside 1+2 in the cubase mixer back in SD mixer send the snare mics to that then sending 3+4 to a verb channel then some parallel compression with 1+2 and 3+4 with great results.


I just use one midi track for all of it (the drumkit that is, additional percussion get their own dedicated tracks), and then bounce it all as audio. It frees up a ton of memory, and you get all mics and leakage included. Then it’s just like working on a real recording, and that’s what I’m used to. :slight_smile: