Looking for Synthworks D10/20/110/MT32 manual in English

For my old Atari ST and Roland D-20 I got a Synthworks D10/D20/D110/MT32
It is a full version with floppies, dongle and manual but the manual (and software help) is in german

Unfortunately Steinberg website does not provide any documentation for jurassic software they made (this Synthworks is from 1989)

I was wondering if somebody here may have a scan of the english user manual (or a image of original floppies with online help in english, if this exists)

Just came across this as I’ve just happened across Synthworks for my old Atari ST that I sold a year or two back.

I’ve got the full user manual printed in English as well as the floppies and hardware key. I don’t have a scanner but happy to try and get the manual to you if possible as I don’t need it any more.

I also have an old copy of C-Lab Creator with all of the disks and manual if that is of any interest.

I am based in Nottingham.

Here is a photo so you can check the versions etc are correct.

Yes that the right one :heart_eyes:
I am in France, would it be possible for you to ship it there ?

I have actually taken a digital scan of the manual this morning using Adobe Scan and uploaded to the Internet Archive.

You can find the User Manual if you go to archive dot org /details/steinberg-synthworks-user-manual

(Apologies for the formatting, the forum won’t allow me to share external links)

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That’s awesome
Thank you!