Looking for the best way to program drums

Sorry for the long ranting post, but I wanted to get a little help now that I’m a new Cubase user. A friend had showed me how he programmed drums, and while I liked the control he had, it felt like the Beat Designer could be quicker. However, theres a few things he was able to do that I’m not sure if Beat Designer can do.

So what my friend did was simply put the samples directly in tracks and copy and paste over and over. A few of the things that this let him do easily was…

  1. Edit the fade in and fade out on selected parts. Which worked well for something fast like 4 or so 16th notes in a row.
  2. Reverse, mangle, edit, whatever a single drum sample (And I think he was able to quickly save that sample too)

So what I’m wondering, is this possible with Beat Designer and Groove Agent? Or would there be another VST I could use?

Also, is there anyway to change the names of the drum hits in Beat Designer?

Thanks for all the help!

You should be able to do it all with Groove Agent SE (i.e. the new one in C7.5) and beat designer. Look at the videos for Groove agent SE. It will probably take a bit of time until you become proficient with it, but it will be time well spent.

Yes I agree beat designer and groove agent SE will do the job nicely. Take the time to learn to use it like a pro.
If your looking for lots of dance beats/loops try triebwrek vst.