looking for the color properties panel

I need to hide a tacet marking (can’t seem to delete it with the delete key) and want to set the transparency setting to minimum in the color properties panel but just don’t remember how this is. I remember using this to hide rests at the beginning of dorico but it has been a while.

Select the item, Properties panel, first panel (Common). Click on the color property and set Alpha Channel to 0.

I am having a senior moment. I can’t remember how to find the properties panel. there is a panels list but this is no help. such a simple problem and I am sure that I will remember it when deleting rests when I get to it. but after I select the item how do I find the properties panel? is this in a menu list or mouse click?

aha. it’s at the bottom, of course. Just couldn’t remember it. have used the panel a lot at the bottom and just didn’t put it together with the name properties panel. of course. thank you for responding. Now what else will I forget. I am editing a quintet transferred to dorico from sibelius and dorico is so much more elegant, especially editing.