Looking for the vocoder in Nuendo 5.5

I have Nuendo 5.52 with Nek 5.5, this is update from Nuendo2 ,which previously I had not installed on my system Mac OSX 10.6.8. (some problem with “Syncrosoft License Error” which is very anoying).But Nuendo 5 works well.
My problem is:
In the folder “others” should be plugin named “vocoder” but this folder are empty. Maybe you have some experience with this?

Many thanks.

I think it was on the N4 dvd, but not the N5 dvd…

I know it is available for PC from Steinberg’s ftp:


not sure about Mac, but they have their own folders on there too

Thanks for help, first time when i try to instal plugin from stainberg ftp location it was fail,but i download it in my PC part by part and its seems to work,not counting fast displayed window,to fast for reading.
Thanks a lot,I appreciate.Gregory