Looking for this alarm-sound (without the spoken words ;) )

hello everyone,
I just stumbled across this video and it has the alarm horn from the TV-series “Dark season 1” in it.

anyone have an idea what this alarm is called so I can search for it? there are “air attack”, “fire” etc.
and no, I don’t want the BS with it, otherwise I would just take it out of the video :wink:

thanks in advance (if anyone has WAV or link, feel free to post/send it)
The Sarge!

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Only one beep, but you can build a sequence from it

alarm 2.zip (246.5 KB)

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It’s called a “Klaxon” after the original brand name.
PS thanks for that YouTube clip, it’s now one of my ringtones :slight_smile:


And it’s a US Navy submarine dive alarm too!

This one is similar to the one in the video… different pitch and speed… http://www.policeinterceptor.com/sounds/H9%20horn%202.wav

If you liked that 'ringtone", here’re a bunch more. It will get confusing though if we get together and get calls at the same time…


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you guys are great, thanks
:beers: for all three :upside_down_face:

your 1st link prompt me a “403 forbidden
the others I´ll check when back, I´m out of studio soon

although I didn´t know where the “solved” button is, I didn´t really can chose who of you 3 should get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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thank you very much :+1:

what is the police interceptor thinking to forbid this file to The Sargeant ? :innocent:

Does anyone really know?