Looking for tips when change a project tempo

Hi. I’m looking for tips when converting a project tempo that already contains audio events.

How can I change a project tempo and preserve the TIMELINE of audio so that all the events are preserved? I expect to Cubase to do adjustments to the audio events in order to do this.


It sounds like you need to set the time base on the track header:

Musical Mode (orange qtr-note) ties notes to their bars and beats positions and they will move according to tempo.

Time Mode (gray clock) ties notes to their time position so they stay where you played them regardless of the tempo. I use this mode to record free-playing and then build a tempo map to fit.

Hope that helps,

You are talking about track time base:
Musical timebase (orange quarter note) and linear timebase (grey clock). Musical mode is something different.

My apologies to the OP for my loose use of terminology but I think it’s clear enough.