Looking for USB / Firewire patchbay

Does anyone sell a 19 inch rackmount panel/patchbay that has both USA and Firewire connections?

My CPU is in the other room. Right now I have several very long cables running from that closet to my work desk. Instead of having several wires hanging around I would like to hook them up to the back end of a panel and then access what I need from the front. Not only would I be hooking up musical (usb/firewire) compnenents I could also connect my flash drives etc.

I seem to be able to find one or the other but not anything with both connections. If nothing comes up I guess I’ll look at building my own.


Various companies including Middle Atlantic Products makes a series of panels with standard Neutrik xlr punch outs. Neutrik makes usb, firewire, enet, and other connectors with panel-mount xlr shells that mount on those panels. We use them a lot.


Thanks for the heads up on Atlantic Tech. I forgot about them and didn’t realize they might have what I need. It looks like between them and Monoprice I can make this thing work.