Looking for Vocaloid Miriam?

Hey guys! I’m new to this forum, but it looks nice so far!

The only VST I really use is Vocaloid, which is a vocal synth by Yamaha for those who don’t know. The old engine, Vocaloid1, was retired a few years back, but they still work on my new laptop, so I still use them.

The first two, Leon and Lola, are available to buy through the company if you email them personally, but the third (and best of the V1 era), Miriam, has run out of codes. I found a kind older man who sold me his copy a few months back, but a friend is really interested in getting her (she’s the only English Vocaloid he doesn’t own) so I’m posting for him. If anyone’s willing to sell/give away their copy of Vocaloid Miriam (or if you know anyone who may be willing) please let me know! Thank you! :smiley: