looking for vocals and scores for this one


Made this around 2004, all sounds are from the Korg Triton.
This song fits nicely in my upcoming album/project work title look at the universe. The folluw up from look at the world. So I am going to redo it from the ground up.

Anyway, hopefully uncle Grussom will play guitar on this one, I am looking for a female vocalist who wants to sing the chorus (we are gonna take of to the sky etc etc)
There are also some orchestrations in it, I don’t have these big hollywood sounds, if someone wants a go at it then please drop me a line.
Like previous projects it will be a +/- hour piece with lot’s of synths and vocals so more is coming.

Other comments are always welcome!

Greetz Dylan.

This is the new version so far.


I sampled the origenal acoustic guitar, the rest is created from scratch.
I made it as close as possible as the original. In this version I used a real basguitar though.
The vocals are just a slave track, going to re-record those coming days.

Again, still looking for a female vocalist for the chorus!!
And for the orchestral piece, Strings and Brass/horns, I want it to have a cinematic feel, anyone want to have a go on that?

Greetz Dylan.

You’ve got an excellent song goin on there! at around 3.12 you have a nice commercial motif which I think would make a good start to the song, you only use it once which seems a pity, the main synth sounds a little weak IMHO but maybe that’s what your after, however… the chorus is mega !!!..Kevin

The piece you are talking about is the chorus stripped from the rest.
I am aware that I can buil an entire more commercial sounding song by using just that part but I am just not that sort of writer. I like to write/make entire song structures that sometimes hints toward dance.
That is a difficult appraoch I know, but these are free projects, no intention to make a ‘hit’
I keep on making large ‘synth opera’s’ (is that the term, I don’t know) and maybe someday something will grow out of it.

The synth I agree on, I did use another sound in the 2nd version (or did you talk about that one?)

The Chorus must be sung by a female, I think when done right it could be more then mega hahaha.

Thanks for the comment.

Greetz Dylan.

Sounds good Dylan, I hope you can find a suitable singer for this piece. It’s a tough piece to sing I think, requires a very powerful performance.

Yes that is the plan, must be a diehard House singer :slight_smile:
I think I am going to recrute on some sites, never done that before.
Maybe a new talent who also wants some free vocal coaching.