Looking for VST version of Yamaha SPX. Is Rev-X similar?

I use Dm2000 as my utility device and controller and I have always really liked the internal FX on the boards. Since I mix ITB though I never have access to them. Are there any plugin equivalents? I notice there is a Yamaha REV-X plugin (which I can’t figure out how to get). Does it contain Yamaha algorithms? … or… does Steinberg Revelation use the yamaha algorithms ?

This plug-in would be using algorithms as old as 30, almost 40 years, wouldn’t it? 8-/ … Maybe you should look at easy-to-get, great-sounding modern alternatives like Reverb Foundry’s “Tai Chi”, or at least Valhalla’s “Vintage Verb”. :slight_smile:

Just saying …

I actually have reverbs hanging out my ears (Valhalla, altiverb, UAD, seventh heaven etc) for plugins and all the Modern highly regarded ones. But there’s something about the yamaha algorithms that I haven’t found elsewhere. The SPX 90 and 990 were mix workhorses in their day. Valhalla vintage and room are something like it. But I’m wondering if Yamaha ever put those algorithms in plugin form - like lexicon did. Seeing as Steinberg is under the Yamaha umbrella it would make sense that the algorithms be part of Cubase/Nuendo plugins

The REV-X reverb is based on the algorithms from the Yamaha SPX2000, which is a 2003 unit. They’re far higher density than what’s possible with the DM2000’s stock reverb. A VST 3 plugin version is included with Steinberg’s audio interfaces, such as the ARX4 and the UR series.

The DM2000’s reverb is a simpler reverb that’s similar to Yamaha’s 90’s algorithms, such as 1996’s Yamaha ProR3. This isn’t available in plugin form.

The REVelation plugin that’s included with Nuendo and Cubase is based on Halion’s reverb, which in turn was derived from WizooVerb. This was a high end commercial reverb with a transparent, pseudo-realistic sound. This should be closer in character (but not exactly the same) to the Briscati M7 style of reverb, and is probably not quite what you’re looking for.

There’s not many plugins that try to go for that 90’s reverb sound. You might have some luck with RoomWorks, which is also included with Nuendo. The “Efficiency” knob can be used to reduce the reverb quality.


Great information and informative response Thankyou