Looking for VSTi that creates a MIDI Out & can pass its Input to the Out (aka MIDI Thru)?

Gotta agree. Have you run into anyone doing good videos on using Bidule.

Clicked on the “Try It” button and it took me to a page that said

The trial period for this version of Bidule has ended, there will be a new trial period when a new version is released.

Which seems to me an odd approach to marketing. Like the only time someone might want too try Bidule is when a new version is released. Cubase is, of course, the exact opposite - here’s the new version and we’ll have a trial available eventually.

It doesn’t seem to be a heavily marketed product to be honest.

I’ve noticed it still hasn’t reached version 1. However, it has been around a while, and benefits from all kinds of improvements and updates (mostly Mac fixes…Mac is always changing stuff! Or dealing with discrete processing stuff). I’ve never had stability issues and such, and the one time I had a problem with it (VST3 UI Stuff…back when hardly anything but Cubase could load VST3 at all), I reported it, and it was fixed within a few days (no kidding).

If you don’t see it come back online soon and you’re still interested, get a message to them. If they can’t take care of you immediately, I’m pretty sure they’d give you an idea on time-frame.

The forum over there is pretty well monitored and developer people are involved. You can also get an idea of what people use it for and how different people approach things, what posters like and don’t like, complain about, praise, etc…

There’s a tiny link to this page just under that sentence where the download are.

The marketing for this thing is indeed quite a mess, but when I bought and authorized it, that worked very straightforward for me.

I never ended up trying the standalone without authorization, so I’m not sure if that will (still) work.