Looking for XOR effect


I am looking for a kind of XOR effect for WAV files. I use “XOR” (exclusive disjunction) as a mathematical term to illustrate what I want to do :

I have 2 wav files, both with similar information but not completely identical. I would like to use a plugin (or maybe a Wavelab function I overlooked) that eliminates all information that is identical and keeps only the differences.

Does such a function / plugin exist ?
Thanks a lot…


Use “File Comparator” in Audio Files windows
found under menu Analysis
and use “Generate Delta File”

regards S-EH

Thanks for your help.
Sadly this did not work as expected.


The files have to be exactly in sync and the same level. Line up the files exactly on two tracks of a montage, and invert the phase of one of the files (right click - invert phase). Then play them together. You might be able to adjust what’s needed (level or sync of the files) to accomplish what you want. It accomplishes the same thing that S-EH suggested (delta file), but allows pre-adjust if needed. If it does what you want, you can render what you’re hearing.