Looking für iPad interface that provides extra clicktrack

Hey guys,
I have the following scenario for an live/half playback performance.
Into the interface One Mic input, one acoustic guitare input these routed diretcly to the main outs of the interface. Than some rendered wave files coming from Cubasis.

Is it possible to have 2 separate stereo outputs with an interface like the Focusrite iTrack Solo Lightning or something else?
I would like to have an separat click track to the Phones-Out for my in-ears and an output for playbacks from Cubasis with the Mic and Guitar inputs.

I think to route the click only to the Phones Out is an challenge.

Hi burn4ever,

Cubasis supports up to 24 ins and outs depending on the audio interface in use.
Additionally, the on-board metronome can be assigned to discrete outputs as well.

As mentioned before, the available options depend on the specifications of the interface in use.