Looking into purchasing CI2+

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking about downsizing my studio (less big gear, more small gear) and was looking into using the CI2+ as my main interface. Since I rarely record any audio, all I really need is a small interface to be used primarily for monitoring playback. With the addition of transport/shuttle controls and an AI knob, this seems like the perfect solution for the price.

So my question is, how do the drivers and sound quality compare with other comparable interfaces? How does it match up against Avid/Digidesign/M-Audio interfaces? MOTU? Cakewalk? Lexicon? Focusrite?

Thanks in advance.

it sounds fine. I’ve own digi, maudio, and focusrite cards before and it’s equal to if not better. I recently downsized my gear as well and only record an electric guitar every now and then and sample some old synths. been great so far and installs very nicely with no problems.