Looking to Buy Virtual Guitarist 2

I’m looking to buy VG2, can’t find it for sale anywhere,

anyone selling VG2?

I got one ready to go on Ebay… I was just writing the auction when I came here. I am in Canada. The soft has its synchrosoft key included and original box ( a bit worn out, obviously).

Interested? We can go thru Ebay or else.

I PM’d You a week ago…

jppineau still haven’t reply to PM or Post, so I’m Still Looking To Buy Virtual Guitarist 2

It’s been sold some weeks ago.

weeks ago???
I was willing to buy it from you before that, in July (Now it’s September)…

I posted it on Ebay the same day I wrote the initial message and it sold less than 48 hours later or so to a guy from Germany.

oh maybe that’s why I didn’t see it on ebay, because it was sold that fast.
The best product (as well as Cubendo) Steinberg ever made.
And still I think VG2 is the best VST ever.
too bad it’s discontinued.

I am currently using Real Strat (with its library of prerecorded riffs and lines in MIDI) from Musiclabs and Funk Guitarist from Native Instruments with great results indeed. It is worth the try for sure.

I use all RealLab guitars (Start, LP, relguitar) it’s nothing like Virual Guitarist 2.

Good news, i’ve found a seller, just trying to transfer the license. The stupid elicenser usb-key/dongle makes it too hard.
i hope this is my last product that uses dongle for “copy protection”.

Hello Buddy, I’m selling my Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2. If you’re interested please contact me on dextore.official@yahoo.com

i would like to find and buy virtual guitarist 2 if anybody have and dont
use it any more i will be glad to buy

Will you sell it to me?