Looking to hand off Scorico.net

Hi folks,

Long story short: I’m looking to pass Scorico.net to someone who will keep it going. It’s a good thing, and I think it has the potential to grow quite large, but I need to devote my time to other pursuits. I can no longer give it the attention it needs.

If you’re interested, please contact me via DM. Thanks!

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Hi Dan, the site doesn’t seem to be loading for me right now. Did you pass it off to someone else? Is it just temporarily down? Just curious what the current status is.

It’s dead. Nobody spoke for it, so I shut it down. Sorry!

It was a good idea, sorry it wasn’t sustainable! I was just thinking of uploading a handful of doricolib and xml files, and went to look and see what was already on there. Oh well.

Yeah I took a bit of a loss on this one. Maybe someday somebody else will do it better!


Hello Dan,
I missed your post in January, and went to your site today, to discover it is dead :frowning:
Even then, as a former customer of Scorico, I want to express my appreciation for your initiative.
Warm greetings, Robrecht

Thank you Robrecht!

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