Looking to make a vocal echo

Hi again all. I want to make a word echo three times. Specifically, I’m looking to recreate the sound in this song. If you listen at 27 seconds in when he says “Still snoop dog and D-R-E” … the “D-R-E” echos and trails off. I found a some of the delays and reverbs in cubase, but there’s so many of them right from the start, and so many settings, its overwhelming. could anyone point me in the right direction? thank you!

Aloha a,

Where is the song?

I don’t see a link in yer post.

As you’ve got such a specific requirement, i.e. 3 echoes only at the end, then I’d might actually copy the part to be echoed 3 times, maybe onto another track. It depends on if you’re likely to use the echo again in the song a lot of not? This can sometimes be easier than setting up an echo and using automation to turn it on and off. Or put the echo on the new track too, then copy the clip only once?

Advice off the top of my head cause there’s no link :smiley:


Thanks mike! I was thinking about copying it too, but wasn’t sure if there was a better way. Oops! Sorry I forgot the link:

A common way to do this is to make an FX channel with a delay effect like PingPongDelay or StereoDelay (or any other delay effect plugin) set to wet only. Then automate a send to it on the words that you want repeated. Note that you’d probably want the effect in a stereo channel to achieve the ping pong effect.

If the words are clearly separated, you can instead use one of these effects as an insert and automate the Bypass on them. You will obviously lose the stereo effect (unless your track was set to stereo), but it’s simpler.