Looking to replace an ageing Sample Drive

Hi, I am re-gurungitating my system after time in a dark green slimy swamp. It’s mostly done, (see sig) but I am considering replacing an aging samples drive.
There is much myth on this subject but the general advice is ‘fast as you can get’ , I cant really contemplate a SSD as the space will need to be about 4tb.

Hybrid drives have a small amount of SSD memory (about 5 gig) which gets to run the cache and within which there is an app to pre-fetch data and put it in the punchy SSD portion, ready for action - after it learns what is being called for. At first they are slow but later - apparently - they get faster.

I know there are hybrids around and I was thinking about these. I know read write speeds are not simple constants, so for music purposes there is probably an ‘optimum’ hybrid.

What are people going for these days… what’s on the drool list?


Ah… found this if your interested!


Last year I went against my own usual advice and bought a 4tb seagate hybrid drive to keep samples on coz it was a bargain. The first one was dead on arrival, the replacement (next day, shout for Amazon!) started making some very scary noises within two weeks of use so I returned that and got my money back.

Samples by definition are used randomly, so I guess if you used the same samples regularly they’d end up migrating to the flash portion of the disk, would you notice the difference in reality? Hmmm I doubt it. Get something robust and quiet as a sample drive, perhaps a WD red. If sample loading is all the drive is doing I can’t see performance being an issue, if you’re sharing your studio with a noisy drive - that definately is a problem.