Looking to upgrade my Cubase LE 1.0

Having midi recording issues (see my other thread) and thinking it’s about time I did an upgrade from my Cubase LE 1.0.

Looking at the product line, I think Elements would be fine for me. The LE product has really been fine except for the bug I ran into, and it seems like if LE was good Elements would be just as good or better.

I mainly record audio tracks but occasionally want to use midi to add some drums or bass.

A few questions:

  1. If I’ve been using Cubase LE 1.0, is there anything that I will LOSE by upgrading to Elements?

  2. the website says that I need “Intel or AMD dual core CPU”. My processor is an Athlon 64 3400 2.2 GHz, with 2.43 GB RAM. Will it run? Will I have problems because my processor isn’t dual core?

  3. I’m wondering if anyone knows if there are significant differences between Cakewalk Music Creator and Cubase Elements. MC6 is half the price, but since I’ve been using Cubase for so long I’d rather not start over on something completely different. And if there are significant differences/advantages to Cubase it would help me to justify the extra cost.

Gary in Vermont